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What To Do If You Are In A Car Accident

Posted: December 3 2013 | In: Uncategorized


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Motor vehicle accidents happen every day in Victoria. Sometimes, ita��s your turn; sometimes, ita��s your fault.

Develop a plan just in case a car crash comes your way.

Make a things-to-do list, keep it with your papers, and commit it to memory. Easily said, throw out that plan because if youa��re involved in a motor vehicle accident, what you really have to do is try to keep your cool and follow some simple steps. Read on and look out for the download of this post at the end so you can keep a copy in your car and you will have a check-list of what to do if you are in a car accident.

Step 1: What To Do After A Car Crash

1369269992537_panic.jpgStay calm. Switch off the ignition and activate your emergency hazard lights. Check to see if anyone is injured; assist them immediately if you can. Keep yourself and others off the road.

Call for help. Dial the appropriate emergency service Number 000 (free call). Ask for either ambulance, or police, in order of urgency. Tell the emergency service:

  • It’s a car crash
  • Where it’s located
  • How many people are injured if any
  • Your name

Who To Call?

Call fire service. Call the fire service on 000 and help clear the area if you smell petrol.

Call the police. If someone has been injured or killed or if there is damage to property or livestock and the owner is not at the scene, call the Police on 000.

Information To Collect After The Accident

First, protect yourself. Do not tell anyone that the accident is your fault in case legal considerations be raised at a later date.

Seek witnesses. Solicit witnesses at the scene. Gather their contact information and report it to your insurer.

Stay at the scene. Never leave an accident scene until you have shared the relevant information with the other drivers involved.


  • Name and address of all drivers and the name and address of the owner of each vehicle involved in the accident if those names are different.
  • Drivera��s license number of the driver of each vehicle involved.
  • Vehicle registration number for each vehicle.
  • Name of the insurer of each vehicle.
  • Make, model and colour of each vehicle.

Take pictures. If you have a camera with you, take pictures of all vehicles, damage, and apparent injuries.

What To Do After The Accident

Call your insurance company. Report everything that happened and that you have reported to the police.

Having honoured your obligations, your new problem is what to do with you damaged vehicle. If we assume. If panel is damaged, your concern will be a right and complete repair. Your new problem is:

  1. How long the repair will take.
  2. How you can manage the paperwork to deal with insurance companies.
  3. How the repair will meet high standards.

Your problem is whether the job is complete and not noticeable from the original shape. You want the panel/smash repairs to look finished. And, this comes down to the match in finish and paint. You do not want to see the repair even on a close look. You want a skill set that repairs and repaints without rushing to please the insurance company. You are not looking for just any panel beaters or spray painters. You want some guarantees.

Your next step is locating a panel beater who assures your car a return to normal with no compromise on quality. You know your car insurance no fault beater provision will put you back on the road in original condition.

PJa��s Panels, for example, has been providing smash repairs to Melbourne drivers for years. PJa��s Panels pride themselves on outstanding workmanship and strict standards of efficiency and cost effectiveness. They only employ professional tradesmen, so you can be sure your smash repairs are carried out to manufactures specifications.

  • Top quality repair will secret your smash.
  • Lifetime guarantees cover the workmanship.
  • Competitive quotes are competitive.
  • Skills of the panel beaters and spray painting professionals recreate your vehicle.
  • Colour matching uses the state-of-the-artDu Pont painting system to get your car looking great again.
  • Guaranteed restoration meets the original manufacturera��s specifications.
  • Car is towed from accident site anywhere in Melbourne, and you can count on personal pick up and drop off.
  • Loan cars will take care of your needs as long as you need.
  • Team of legal experts takes care of insurance claims paperwork.
  • Most insurance companies list PJs as a�?preferred.a�?
  • Cash back policy will pay on excess of $250 on insurance policy as a a�?thank-youa�? for the business.

Throughout Melbourne, Southeast Melbourne, and Keysborough, a�?panel beatinga�? refers to a range of techniques to restore the shape of the body and chassis of a car once it is damaged. It covers anything from minor damage to structural re-alignment. It is crucial to have your vehicle professionally assessed.

So, back to the scene of the accident! Hopefully no one has been injured. You have fulfilled all your obligations within the law and good sense. Call the beater/smash unit that will give you quick, high quality, imperceptible guaranteed restoration.

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