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Valiant Charger Restoration

Posted: December 30 2012 | In: Uncategorized

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About The Valiant Charger Restoration

This classic Valiant Charger restoration sits close to our hearts. It was one of the earlier Charger restorations that we were lucky enough to complete. The owner Dave found us through a flyer drop that we did in the area.

He had owned Valiant workshop in Melbourne East years ago and, although his shop had folded, Dave always held his passion for Valiant Charger. He had hoped to restore his beloved Charger himself but with trying to build up a name in the music industry, the poor Charger sat out in the weather for years. It was always “I will get that done one day”.

Then with a flyer in one hand and a keen enthusiasm in his step he, came to our shop and asked if we do onsite quotes as the car was not in driving condition. He went out to his home and gave an onsite quote. We won the job and brought her in from the cold. There was plenty of rust replacement that had to be worked on. Dave had kept all the necessary parts so we did not have to source parts for this restoration.

As we were several steps down the path in the restoration, and not yet heard from him since he dropped off the car, we needed to contact him. So we rang him and told Dave needed to see him to discuss some issues with the car.

He came in on a cold winter day, looking drained and thin. He was holding a brown paper bag and he said he had come down to pay for the total cost of the restoration. Paul (the owner here) said it was not needed as we had not yet finished the job. Dave told is “You had better take the money as I have to go somewhere”. Oh Paul answered thinking he was going on a holiday.a�?Where are you going he asked?a�? Dave replied to where a place you wona��t be able to reach me – I have cancer and three months to live.

He later explained that if there was one thing he would like to leave behind, it would be his restored Valiant Charger. He said that he struggled all his life and did not own anything apart from this car. He wanted to have this car to carry on his passion and have a little of his personality with it.

With that said we moved on it to grant his wishes and he was even choosing his colour selection from his hospital bed. Thanks to the internet we managed to send Dave progress pictures and to hear the delight in his voice helped us to push that much faster to restore his beloved car.

Three months to the day, Dave passed away but with the memories of his fully restored Charger. We are so happy that you were able to see your dream car fully restored and for the Valiant Charger to live in your honor Dave.

RiP Dave.

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