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Panel Beater Near Melbourne For An Accident Repair That Is Not Your Fault

Posted: December 22 2013 | In: Uncategorized


You probably have a lot of concerns after being involved in a smash, especially one that was caused by another drivera��s error.A� Obviously, your first concern will be getting your family car back on the road. If you want an auto body repairer who will do the job right, check out the best panel beaters near Melbourne.

The biggest problem is that most panel beaters wona��t do a good job. The insurance companies push the repairers to do fast, cheap work in an effort to save money. Then guess how your vehicle looks? You guessed it; it looks cheap! The paint doesna��t match, the repairs are obvious and an accident that wasna��t your fault has ruined the family car.

Add on to the aggravation of bad workmanship the headache of dealing with the insurance companies and waiting for your car, and your accident just turned into a nightmare. If you want a hassle and your vehicle to look cheap, go with a repairer who will do the job for cheap.

If you want the job done by someone who is on your side, then you need to look at the full picturea��not just cost. PJa��s Panel Beaters near Melbourne offers 70 years of combined service and a commitment to you and your vehicle with special packages for work on an accident that wasna��t your fault and a guarantee on workmanship.

One look at the testimonials and customer references, and you will know that PJa��s Panels is the repairer for you and your car. You get top-rate not your fault accident service even before they start work. They will tow your vehicle to the repair shop and give you a free loan car to get where you need to go.

Then we will help you deal with the insurance companies. We have a legal team on hand to assist with third party recoveries and paperwork when the smash was someone elsea��s fault. As a show of appreciation for your business, they will also pay cash back on your insurance policya��up to $250.00!

PJa��s is a one stop shop that covers all areas of your repairs. If you are concerned about how long the repairs will take, or whether your family car will look as good as new, then the customer reviews about PJa��s Panel Beaters will prove to you that PJa��s keeps to a higher standard.

With PJa��s, you get a quote before work is done and a guarantee that the repairs will be done right and look like new. PJa��s also guarantees their work for the lifetime of your vehicle as their repairs return a vehicle to original manufacturer standard (oms).

No one will be able to tell that the family vehicle has been in a smash. We willA� take the time to ensure the paint colour will match and the panels will be smooth and cleara��and PJa��s guarantees it!

So if you need panel repairs because your family vehicle was in an accident that was not your fault in the first place, and you want the job done right in a timely manner, then look no further than PJs Panel Beaters, Melbourne. Contact us to get a quote for your repairs and a free courtesy car at no cost to you.

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