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Panel Beater In Melbourne: What To Look For

Posted: December 1 2012 | In: Uncategorized


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Putting your car in the hands of someone else and trusting them implicitly can be tough. Particularly when the a�?someone elsea�� is an unknown and it comes with the added stress of an unexpected accident or incident beyond your control. Suddenly youa��re without a car or have a damaged one, dealing with insurance companies, quotes and in a whole lot of hell.

Take a step back. A job worth doing is a job worth doing well. This is your vehicle, potentially your biggest investment next to the purchase of your home, and you need to protect your assets.

Questions To Ask When Looking For A Panel Beater in A�Melbourne

Here are some questions to ask in your search for a panel beater:

Will your insurance cover you?

Because if they wona��t, youa��ll likely end up out of pocket.

Insurance companies can be a pain when it comes to vehicle repair a�� theya��re usually only concerned with the quickest and cheapest job. As may have been the case with your car, the person worst off is you, and thata��s not why youa��re forking out insurance premiums.

At PJa��s Panels we complete work for all leading insurance companies so you can rest easy. (Even better, if you werena��t at fault, wea��ll deal with the insurance guys and the paperwork for your claim, too).

PJa��s Panels will stand up for you against your insurance company so you get a perfect smash repair and your car comes back to you as good as new. We wona��t compromise on quality.

Will the job be done to the highest possible standard?

Ita��s right that you should expect your vehicle to be repaired to top quality, original manufacturing standards. A patch job, no matter how subtle, wona��t do you any favours. Consider resale purposes, whether or not thata��s in the long-term plan right now. Your car is an investment worth protecting.

You dona��t want your paint to be the wrong colour, for it to have bubbled or for the rust to reappear. Your panel beater should carry out the work with care and precision. These are reasonable expectations – make sure you look at someA�completedA�work and talk with customers to ensure you are choosing a car repair shop that will do a quality job.

At PJa��s Panels wea��re perfectionists and offer a lifetime guarantee on all repaired panels.A� The way it should be.

How can you tell who to trust?

Looking around the workshop should give you an idea of the operation.A�Modern tools? Efficiently run and organised? Do they have any pictures of cars that they have repaired in the past? Is the quote fair and reasonable? Are there testimonials available on a website or in their workshop to back up the claims? How qualified and experienced is the staff?

With over 70 years of combined experience over a broad range of vehicles and requirements, a name we can stand by and countless satisfied customers, wea��re confident your panel beater needs will be met with us.

Taking care of you, and not just your car?

While ita��s your car that may need most of the attention, that doesna��t mean you should be overlooked. PJa��s Panels offers car pick up and delivery arrangements, and courtesy car options a�� depending on your individual situation this may be without cost to you. You, and your family, dona��t have to be left stranded.

PJa��s Panels has you covered. No worries.

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