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Melbourne Panel Beaters Secrets: 6 Things To Check On A Test Drive

Posted: December 24 2013 | In: Uncategorized


Repair Inspections a Must

When it comes to repairs made to your vehicle, it’s very important to know your local repair shop or Melbourne panel beater did a proper job. You don’t want to drive the car around Melbourne, only to find out there is a serious issue. These problems sometimes come up further down the road, and if you don’t catch them right away, your insurance company might not pay for the corrections.

Due to this, being diligent in your repair inspection and during the test drive is necessary and you should always ask questions. If you don’t ask questions before, during and when you pick up your vehicle, it might be too late to do so after the fact.

Panel beaters secrets - take the car for a test drive

1: Look at the Fit

When you first see your car, walk around it and look at the fit of the panelling. There is a natural fit to all panels, regardless of your vehicle and you might notice that one of the replaced panels actually doesn’t fit as soundly as it did, or it might rub against another panel in a way that looks a bit awkward.

During a repair you might find that some panel beaters are not adept at fitting all the puzzle pieces back together in the same way the factory did. Always point this out and ask questions about the panel repair. You shouldn’t have to drive away in a vehicle that the panel beating team hurried though and, by doing so, fit the piece on in an undesirable and unprofessional way.

2. Front Repair Problems

There may be some reasons as to why the panel can’t fit back exactly as it once did, so it’s good to know these reasons. If a car is hit in the front, the frame may have been bent and required straightening. In order to straighten the frame, the panel beaters are going to need to pull the frame out until it is straight. If you did have an accident involving the front of the vehicle, make sure to look under the car for serious scratch marks and gashes as well. These gashes show a poor repair job, not only because it leaves significant marks on the other side of the car, but these marks are more likely to rust out, causing structural damage in the long run.

3. Automated Printout

An automated printout is a diagram you can receive from the dealership or even off of the Internet that provides specific measurements of every aspect of your vehicle. When going in to check on your repair you want to make sure you have this printout and have the body shop show the new measurements on this printout. Regardless of where the damage occurred, all measurements should be exactly the same.

4. Paint

When a repair is performed, the replacement part is not always the same colour as what your vehicle is. Because of this, you want to look at the new panel and make sure it matches your current vehicle colour after it’s been painted. If it doesn’t, point it out, because you should not have to drive away with a two-tone vehicle. Because it’s important to look at the colour before leaving the panel beaters, always stop by earlier in the day, if possible. This way, you won’t miss an off-coloured panel because you need to get away quickly.

5. Listen and Feel

During the test drive keep the stereo off and keep your ears open for noises. Listen for any changes in the way the wind passes by the vehicle. You shouldn’t have any kind of problem detecting a change in sound while driving. If you feel a vibration or kick back while driving, it means your car is putting up more resistance against the wind and is creating a heavier draft. By listening and feeling for this, you’ll be able to pick up problems with the vehicle (if there are any) and advise the panel beater accordingly.

6. Warranty

There needs to be a warranty on the vehicle repairs. A good panel beater is going to stand behind all of its repairs, so if the panel beater is not going to offer a warranty on the repairs they’ve provided, it’s a good idea to go somewhere else. After all, some problems do not occur until months down the road, and by then, if there is no warranty, you are out of luck.

One thing to watch for is how the tyres wear while driving. If the tyres are wearing more than usual, it might be a sign of a poor alignment. Although there are many different issues that can occur which cause a tyre to wear more, poor alignment is one of the most common factors. If you notice such an issue you need to take the car back into the panel beater and have the specialists look over the vehicle and determine what is causing the problem. From there, as long as there is a warranty on the repair, the repair facility should correct the problem.

Because you want a repair shop that is able to stand by its work and make sure you only receive the best, call PJ’s Panels for a free quoteA�1300 545 363.

PJ’s Panels will take the pain out of these problems because they understand than when it’s not your fault you just want your vehicle fixed quickly and professionally. They ensure that your car will look just as it did before, but only better.



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