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Classic car show in Geelong All Holden day

Posted: December 22 2013 | In: Uncategorized

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Classic car restorations Fletch and me

PJa��s Panels specialise in classic car restoration.

When I heard of the All Day Holden Classic car show in GeelongA� I decided to hold a trade stall there. This is what unfolded.

I got lost.A� I really dona��t get out much. I drive to home and back and that is the extent of my driving career so it was a massive step to actually step out of my comfort zone and head to the Geelong smoke. With two kids in the back of the heavy signed PJa��s Panels wagon we headed off to Geelong. I was using my mobile phone to navigate my way to Geelong and somehow ended up in Corio.

There was a deadline of 4pm Friday night otherwise it was a 6am start the next day. With a teenager and a ten year old I knewit was not going to happen so I was trying to get there by 4pm Friday.A� We found the place set up in a flash, filled in necessary paperwork and headed to our accommodation.

The accommodation was scarce as the Avalon Air Show that weekend so I had to take a one bedroom place. Not fun with two kids and sharing a bed. The things you do for business.

With next to no sleep, a hot room with moaning kids we set off to see what the trade show had to offer and set up our stand at the show.

Over 1,200 car enthusiasts came to showcase their cars to each other and the general public streaming through the gates. I knew today was going to be great but did not realise that each person had a story to tell. I could see the passion and love they have for the classic cars.

It made my heart beat out of my chest. They are so passionate about the love of their cars. It opened up my eyes to a whole different world out there and made me appreciate that what we do as a restorer.

We not only restore classic cars but we restore a part of history. Wind the clock back decades to return a classic car back to the original condition. The day it rolled off the factory floor takes time, attention to detail patience and a skill tradesman.

I have a new appreciation of the importance our business has in restoring classic cars. Thank you to all the car enthusiasts for if there is no passion in life there is nothing.

Although I thought that the day could not get any better it did. I was lucky enough to meet Fletch from the Classic Car Restoration show in the flesh. He was busy doing what he does best and filming his TV series classic car restorations.

Fletch took the time to stop from his movie production and pose for a quick picture using his award winning thumbs up signature move. A�He is such a nice and caring man.A� Thanks Fletch.

This is my very first blog. I hope I did not bore you too much. Thank you for the amazing experiences all you classic car enthusiasts have shown me and I will keep up lovely people updated with the next classic car restoration project we have at the shop.

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