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Good Enough Doesn’t Cut It In Panel Beating

Posted: December 22 2013 | In: Uncategorized


Eggs with one broken as a metaphor for smash repairs

If you are involved in a smash, especially one that was caused by another driver, you likely wona��t be wondering if your car can be repaired to a a�?good enougha�� degree. You wona��t be hoping that the panels sort of fit together, that the paint job kind of matches or that the repairs will be noticeable the closer you look.

No, youa��ll want your car or boot returned to a like-new state after a smash, so that no one can tell after the repairs that the vehicle was involved in a smash at all! Along with the concern of the repairs being done to a high standard, youa��ll also likely be concerned about all the paperwork involved with the insurance company and how long the repairs will take. If you go with another auto body repair panel beater, then you should be concerned!

Good Enough Repairs

If you take your vehicle to be repaired after a smash to a panel beater shop, then your concerns about poor workmanship, a paperwork hassle and a repair job that takes too long are valid. Other auto body repair panel beaters only have a a�?good enougha�� mentality; however, you will find that a�?good enougha�� just doesna��t cut it.

A a�?good enougha�� approach means that your vehicle is not repaired to the highest quality. Every aspect of the repair job is finished when it is a�?good enough,a�� not when it is perfect. The effort other auto body repair shops will put in to making your car or boot like new will be minimal.

Your Good Enough Vehicle

If you take your vehicle to a panel beater that embodies the a�?good enougha�� attitude, then the overall appearance of your repaired vehicle will suffer. With the other auto body repair panel beaters, the panels likely wona��t match up, the paint colours will be off and the repairs will be obvious. Anyone will be able to tell that your vehicle was in a smash just by looking at it!

Also, you will get to suffer through all of the paperwork on your own while you wait and wait for your vehicle to be repaired. a�?Good enougha�� means that you are on your own and that your need for a vehicle is your problem alone!

The PJa��s Panels – Difference

At PJa��s Panels, a�?good enougha�� never cuts it like at other auto body repair shops. While others are only concerned about a�?good enough,a�� PJa��s Panels is concerned about doing the job to the highest quality standard. Superior workmanship and pride in a job well done is what you get from PJa��s, and we guarantee it!

We dona��t rush through a job to appease the insurance company or take so long that you start to forget what your vehicle looked like! We use only the amount of time it takes to repair your vehicle to a like-new condition. PJa��s also uses state-of-the-art painting techniques, including a new spray painting booth and a top-notch paint system.

PJa��s Panels auto body repair shop also offers other perks that our competitors dona��t. We will work with the insurance company on your behalf, offer towing and loan cars and guarantee our workmanship for the lifetime of your vehicle.

For an auto body repair job that is light years beyond a�?good enough,a�� call us for a free no obligation quote!

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