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Four Tips For Selecting A Panel Beater In Melboune

Posted: December 22 2013 | In: Uncategorized


Choosing a panel beater after a car accident can be daunting. As a paying insurance customer you should have the right to select the panel repairer of your choice. However, if your insurance company does not allow this then it is time then to change your insurance policy over to an Insurance company that still has values. The repair industry is changing. It’s time customer’s and independent repairs stand together. Choose an Insurance company that allows you to choose the panel repairer.

Panel Repairer Of Your Choosing

Major insurance companies are pushing customers towards their own repair shops. They are set up to mass produce repairs. Therefore, resulting in lack of quality. The result will be to squeeze the little independent shop out and therefore, will be dominated by the mass-produced repairer shops. The result will be reduced choice as to where you take your car repair. A lot like the big supermarket chains. No more personal customer service, attention to detail – just big turnover for little quality. Why take your second biggest asset to a big sausage factory?
We are already seeing the effects of this happening right now with panel shops being closed down at a rapid rate. Make a stand don’t just renew your policy. Make sure you ask the question “Can I choose my own panel beater?”

PJ’s Panels is fighting back and want to let the customers know that you do have the right to choose your repairer. Our business has survived the changes to that the repair industry changes but we need to keep re-educate customers that you have the right to select your repairer. Keep the local Independent repair shop in business. Keep local jobs and keep our history and what we have built up over the year’s alive. Business is more than just a building, it is about knowledge, experienced and more importantly it is about the people. We are in this business because we know this business.

Finding the right panel beater in Melbourne

  • Who will repair my car back to its original state if not better?
  • Do they have the experience and do they guarantee their workmanship?
  • Will they provide a loan car?
  • How long to get the repairs done?
  • Will they deal with the Insurance companies and all the paperwork?

There are numerous panel beaters in Melbourne; however, they are not created equal. As a car owner you may have several concerns. We wrote this article to help you are making the right decision on your accident repair.

Making The Right Choice of Panel Repairer

Try to avoid the insurance company recommended repairer. Insurance companies push their repairs to these repair shops. They work on high volume at a very low price. So it may not be the best choice. After all at the end of the day you get what you pay for.

Four Helpful Tips to Help You Choose the Right Panel Beater

1. Work with professionals: PJ’s Panels specialise in all aspects of panel repairs. With over 70 years of trade and qualified staff on site, you can rest assured of our experience, customer service; quality workmanship has enabled our business to stay strong and survive through all the Industry changes that are happening. We intend to be here for the next 70 years and beyond. Together the repair industry can survive this and grow even stronger together.

PJ’s Panels has the experience, trade qualifications and over 70 years of experience in one location. In light of this fact, you have to engage the services of perfectionists.

It has to be done within a timely manner but with great skill and precision. The paint on your car should match the repaired part, and this can only be done by professionals. Most panel beaters succumb to the pressure from insurance companies to get the job done fast and at low-cost and end up doing a substandard job. You need to work with a panel beater who guarantees a perfect job. It might take a little while longer, but you can be assured that the job will be done in a timely manner and with a lifetime guarantee of all panel repairs.

2. Do not compromise on the quality of the repair by going for cheap rates. Your final choice on the panel beater cannot be based solely on price. Indeed, professionals will charge slightly higher since they take more time and care over your work – even if they have modern machinery. It is wise to visit the panel beating shop to ascertain that the place is neat and well organised. Visit a few panel beaters in Melbourne before settling on one.

3. A reputable panel beater should guarantee their work along with the repair parts they use. This shows that they have confidence in their technicians, and that they use the best equipment to ensure a neat and professional job. Mechanical problems could occur if certain parts are not fitted well, and this emphasis on the need to work with professionals and certified experts.

4. It is important to read reviews from previous clients. Most businesses get their clients through word of mouth, and this is the best way to find out how professional and timely their services are. A reputable firm should provide a courtesy car for their clients to use while repairs are under way.

At PJ’s Panels, we take away the pain and the hassle from the process, and we guarantee quality and professional services, call us. We take care of all your paperwork to ensure that they are completed and signed it time. Our professional litigation lawyer is on standby, in case there are any issues with the insurance company, and we also offer you a courtesy car at not cost.

We take care of all your accident needs. From an Insurance job to a not at fault claim through to restoring your classic car. We are experts in this business. We are still in business because we know this business. PJ’s Panels have only experienced panel beaters, spray painters, through to auto body assemblers. With over 70 years of combined experience behind us why would you chance to take your accident repair anywhere else.

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