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Choosing Your Own Panel Beater For Repairs

Posted: December 17 2013 | In: Uncategorized

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Sounds straight forward? After all you are the one paying the insurance premium! But it’s not – read on to find out why.

Car Insurance is like all insurances. You have to ask the correct questions before you sign anything. Questions like:

  • Can I take my car to a smash repairer of my choice?
  • Are they a preferred repairer?
  • Does the repairer have any guarantee on the workmanship?
  • Will I be provided with a free loan car or is it incorporated in my policy?
  • How will this affect my rating?
  • How much insurance excess will I need to pay?
  • Will the repairer replace all my parts with genuine parts?
  • How long to repair my vehicle?

After all you have to make the correct decision. Your car is the most important tool in your life. It keeps you employed, mobile and even keeps you feed. It is the machine that fuels your family. Your world will be upside down without your form of transport.

Why Give Up The Right To Choose?

Why would you let such an important asset go to a repairer that you do not choose? A�Because of the insurance policy you are under?

Just take a moment and a think before you sign up with your insurance choice.

Gone are the days of taking your smash repair to your local panel beater. The panel beater repairer has repaired your car or your wifea��s car for years. They were well known to you and your family over the years.

You have gained trust and are a firm believer in the quality and service they provide only to be told after a stressful car accident that you now do not have the right to take your car to where you want to have the repairs done. It is not right that some else has that right to tell you where to go.

You are paying the policy. You have the right to choose where your car is being repaired.

Repair shops that have been relying on the big insurance companies for their bread and butter are being forced shut. They have been reliant on the insurance companies for so long and now have had to change their thinking just to survive. The types of repair shops have been around since the 70a��s and now are being forced out by the insurance companies.

Do you see the local milk bar around any more? The same is happening to the autobody repair industry. A tough industry to keep in and an industry that is as strong as the men in it. Stand together on this.

Remember once this happens you lose the right to choose bad things can happen. Once the big guys close down all the small repair shops there will be no choice.A� Do not let this happen. You have a voice a say and the right to stand against insurance companies that do not let you choose your repairer.

Once it happens it will mean no choice and with no choice comes no quality. You are forced to accept the quality of a mass produce product.A� No attention to detail, no personalised service just bang them out quick and look for the next repair. It takes years of experience and on the job training to become a highly qualified tradesman. Not an overnight fix.

I could go on but I am a person that truly focused on the positives in life and I am not going down the track of picking out Insurance companies that only focused on the bottom line.

Insurance Companies That Let You Choose Your Panel Beater

Below is a list of Insurance companies that still hold a major key in keeping the old school panel repairer alive and assisting in helping the trade stay alive in this tough industry.

These are the A�insurance companies that understand that you are a paying consumer and have the right to choose your repairer.

We are here to assist you and advise you on the best choice when it comes to you insurance policy choice. You have the right and the say in choosing the repairer of choice. You are after all paying for the policy and have the right to choose who repairs your car.

Correct as 20/05/13 this may change.



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