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What Type Of Work Do Panel Beaters Do?

Posted: October 3 2013 | In: Panel Beating

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Accidents Happen – Panel beater repairer to the rescue!

Panel shops repair damageNo matter what vehicle you drive or where you commute to and from, there is always the possibility of an accident. Even the safest, defensive drivers have the potential of becoming involved in an accident, and should this ever happen to you, chances are you want your vehicle returned back to its normal look as quickly as possible. Nothing reduces the quality of a vehicle’s appearance like a damaged panel. This is exactly where panel beaters come into play. Panel beaters are there to help return your vehicle back to factory appearance, and while you can never take back the accident or crash, you can always return your vehicle back to its original look, all with the help and assistance of panel beaters.

Panel beaters offer a variety of services to you and anyone else who is looking for repair services.

Some of the services offered by panel beaters includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Smash Repairs – are generally required for any sort of collision accident. No matter the speed you or the other vehicle is traveling, more likely than not there is going to be some sort of damage to a panel on the vehicle, ranging from the door to the panel over your wheels. Panel beaters are there to either completely replace the damaged panel or return the current panel back to its original look and shape (if possible). The very best panel beaters are going to have factory specification measurements on hand so they know exactly what dimensions are necessary to ensure your vehicle always looks and performs as it should.
  2. Class Car Restoration – If you are restoring a classic car, finding available parts can often be difficult. This is exactly why you need to have access to a professional who is able to work with the parts and equipment you don’t have access to. A panel beater is able to inspect the panels your current classic car has, recommend replacements and even where to locate replacement parts. Whether you want to restore the car in segments or all at once, professional panel beaters are able to drastically help with the entire restoration process.
  3. Bumper Repair – This remains one of the most common areas of work for a panel beater. Bumpers become damaged through a variety of instances, ranging from an accident to collisions with rubbish bins, walls, street signs and anything else. It is very easy to damage the bumper and push the corner of a bumper in. With the help of a panel beater, it is possible to either push the dent back out and work with the currently installed bumper (which is the most desired course of action, if possible), or to install a new bumper, depending on the severity of the damage. Regardless of how the bumper currently looks, it is possible to return it to a like-new appearance after the panel beater’s assistance.
  4. Dent Repairs – Dent repairs are similar to bumper repair services, only dents occur just about anywhere and don’t necessarily have to occur during an accident. A shopping cart make come in contact with the side panel of a car or a child riding a bike may accidentally ride into the paneling of a vehicle. No matter the cause of the damage, dent repairs are another common form of panel beating work. This is also an area where the beater would most likely desire to work with the current panel, but sometimes, if the damage is more sever or the dent is deeper, it is necessary to replace the entire side in order to return the vehicle back to its factory look and design.
  5. Fiberglass Panel Repairs – Sports cars and heavy performance vehicles are generally made out of fiberglass panels. Fiberglass is lighter than the plastic and metal of a traditional vehicle, which allows the vehicle to driver faster. Of course, there are some major drawbacks with fiberglass, one of which is how well it sustains a crash or accident. Often times, a simple bump can cause serious damage to a fiberglass panel. This is also why most fiberglass panels, once damaged, must be replaced, as it is very difficult to remove the dent without further damaging the panel, due to the fragility of the fiberglass. However, when fiberglass panel repairs are necessary, panel beaters are able to perform the job and ensure the sports and performance vehicles are always looking their very best.

There is all sorts of work panel beaters perform on cars. From removing small dents in panels and bumpers to full crash repairs and the replacement of fiberglass panels, there is no shortage of work offered by these guys. Due to this, if you have any sort of damage in your car, truck or ute and you are looking to have it fixed and returned to a like-new, factory design and look, make sure to check out PJs Panels for all your panel beating needs. Call us today on 1300 545 363.

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