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Panel Beating Tips for Women – What to Look out for When Choosing a Panel Beater

Posted: October 17 2013 | In: Panel Beating

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Ladies, don’t be fooled again!

Read these panel beating tips to learn how you can ensure that you never experience poor service again!

Ladies, don't just take any panel beater When taking your damaged car into a local repair shop, it is so important for you to locate the very best panel beating service. Not every panel beating shop is going to be created equal, and you need to know how to not only locate the best service but how to avoid being taken advantage of. Some people think that women, on average, pay more for repair work than men, simply because panel beating shops usually do not think women will know much about repairs and what is required or what repairs typically cost. This is the case, even when a man with just as much inexperience, enters the shop. Due to this, you need to look for and take advantage of several different tips, designed to ensure you select the very best panel beater in the area.

The tips you need to utilise when finding the best panel beating service includes:

– Satisfaction Guarantee
– Word-of-Mouth
– Location and Overhead
– Certified
– Estimates
– Ask Questions
– Intuition is Important

Satisfaction Guarantee

It is important to know if there is a satisfaction guarantee at the panel beating repair shop that you have selected. A panel beating shop needs to stand by its work, and the best way to do this is through a satisfaction guarantee pledge. This way, should you identify problems with the work upon picking up the vehicle, you are able to point out the issues and have the service team work on it again until the job is done right.

Word of Mouth

Word of mouth is very important and you should never take it lightly. While anyone can advertise their panel beating services, not all companies are going to have good word of mouth. This only comes from satisfied customers, so if you know anyone who has had body work done recently to their vehicles, make sure to talk to them, find out where they took their vehicles, if they are satisfied with the work done and any other questions you might have about the process. This should also help you stay informed before going into the garage for an estimate.

Check out these reviews that Real customer’s have placed on this website called “word of mouth.”

Location and Overhead

The location of a panel repair shop is going to heavily influence the cost you end up paying on panel work. Have you ever noticed some of the very best garages are located on the outside of town? This is because the garage doesn’t have to pay as much for rent, employees don’t require as much money and the work can be finished quickly. Facilities in the heart of a city must charge more to cover their rent, even though you are receiving the same quality of work. Additionally, while having a large service staff is nice when you walk into a panel beating repair shop, the panel repairer needs to pay these individuals. The only way they do this is by charging you more for work. The foremen and technicians working on your vehicle are far more valuable and this is something you need to take note on when locating a panel beating garage that is able to work on your vehicle.if you want the highest staff with the most experience it is sometimes worth asking how long a staff member has been in the repair industry and that they have the indentures in panel beating to state this. this is of great importance. as there are far too many panel beating repair shops that do not have this to stand by and that is putting your car repair and yourself at risk..


Every technician working on your car should be certified. This means they went through the necessary training to learn the ins and outs of the panel repair service. While it is possible to learn everything you need through general experience, you don’t know what every person has done or what kind of experience they have without the certifications such as the indentures that is only obtained through Victoria is you complete a panel beating apprenticeship. This should be clearly seen in the office or ask to see a copy of this.f a panel beating repair professional does not have this. Keep looking for a repairer that has this indenture.


Before you ever agree to a company and hand over the keys, make sure you have an panel beating quote from them and from the competition. By having multiple estimates on your car you are going to be able to find the best price and you might even be able to push one panel repairer into lowering their price for your business. Never go with the first company right away. Even if this ends up being the best panel repairer for the job, you need to know what else is out there first. Go on first impressions. the history of the company and the reviews of past customer’s.

Ask Questions

If you have a question, ask it. Too many women simply assume, even if they are confused or don’t understand what is going on with their vehicle. It is important for you to stay informed on what is going on, and the only way for you to do this is to ask questions. No question is ever stupid when it comes to your vehicle and your hard earned money. It also shows you are concerned for the quality of work. If you are not satisfied with the answers, or if the garage tries to brush you off, it’s time to drive off the lot. If they are not going to answer your questions ahead of time, they won’t answer your questions after the car is done.

Intuition is Important

PJ’s Panels are here to help and assist you in your panel beating repair needs. We have helped out thousands of customer’s from the many year’s of being in business. Just talk to us and you will instantly know that we are above board and ready to help.

Our Customer’s Reviews are Our Business

This is what we stand by. We are proud of our business and want you to be apart of that and share the experience you had with your family and friend’s. It is what we stand by. That is why we are in business to meet the need’s of the customer’s – this is our focus.

Get in touch with us today – it’s easy. Call us onA�1300 545 363 and learn how we can help you.

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