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How To Choose The Right Insurance – A Panel Beaters Perspective

Posted: August 15 2013 | In: Panel Beating

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A panel beaters perspective on insurance coverSelecting the right cover from insurance companies is essential, because if you don’t, you can end up paying hundreds, if not thousands of extra dollars a year and potentially receive inferior coverage and service. You are basically going to find that there are some insurance providers that are going to try to give you coverage that forces you into a specific repair company, not allowing you to choose your own panel beater or repairer.

When you want a top of the line repair done on your car, you want to know that this will be completed properly and the work will last the life of your car. You need an insurance provider and policy that is going to allow you to choose your own panel beater when the need arises. While it might not initially sound important, you do need to check over the panel beaters coverage portion of your insurance policy in order to make sure you can choose who you take your car too and that you don’t have to pay out of pocket expenses.

Insurance Company

For starters, you need to look for an insurance provider that is going to work within your budget but also provide you with the necessary repair services you require. Some insurance companies are going to require you to visit a specific panel beater, while others are going to give you the option of selecting a panel beater of your choice, someone you have had a pleasant experience with and are pleased with the quality of service it provides. Due to this, it is necessary to look over all of the insurance policies that fit into your price range and see if there are any that pay for panel beaters in the first place, and then see if they allow you to choose your own. If there aren’t any, you know you need to go with a different company.

Insurance Policy

Once you find different insurance companies who are able to fit in with your necessary price range and offer service on panel beaters, you need to look at the fine print of the policy. The fine print is going to say what kind of repairs it is going to cover and what panel beater you can use. Some insurance companies are only going to work with specific garages and service provides, usually because the service provider offers up some sort of a discount for the panel beaters work, so in return, the insurance company sends more business its way. While this might work out better for the panel beater and insurance companies, it might not work out better for you, as you may have a particular provider that is able to provide the very best coverage and repair services. If it isn’t supported by the insurance company, you might find yourself out of luck. This is why knowing the insurance company is able to A�accept any panel beater is an excellent option to look into. A�Panel beaters and the service required to fix the issue is going to vary, and this is why you need to take it to the best repair specialist, not just some company your insurance sends you to.

Work with PJ’s Panels

When it comes to using an insurance company, you want a company that allows you to take the vehicle to your own panel beaters, not one insurance companies mandate. Companies are likely to go with a service provider who provide discounted prices to the insurance company, allowing the insurance provider to save money on the repair. Because the repair facility charges less it is usually going to take less time working on the repair and not always make sure the vehicle is of the highest quality when returning it back to you.

PJ’s Panels is a top of the line repair facility that will work with any insurance company but is also there to make sure you receive factory quality repairs when the panel beating is completed. While you wait on the repair, you will have access to a loaner vehicle, free of charge, as PJ’s knows just how difficult it is to go about your life without access to a vehicle. Unlike the insurance company, which may only give you a rental for a set period of time, PJ’s allows you to keep the vehicle for the length of the repair. On top of this, you also receive up to $250 cash back on your insurance policy, simply for doing business with PJ’s. You’ll have access to a team of third party legal professionals, all of whom are able to walk you through the process of receiving necessary payments for the damaged vehicle, any lost time from work and emotional damage that might have occurred during the accident.

If you are involved in an accident and want to make sure your vehicle receives the necessary attention and the best quality service around, you need to make sure to contact PJ’s Panels atA�1300 545 363. With PJ’s you’ll receive the very best care for both your vehicle and yourself.

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