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Panel Beaters In Keysborough: Local Smash Repairs

Posted: August 8 2013 | In: Panel Beating

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Melbourne traffic, Traffic light If you are ever involved in an accident and live in Melbourne East, there are so many things that might run through your head.

From the safety of everyone involved to how expensive the repair is going to be, it is only natural to search for answers and wonder what is going to happen next.

The smash repairs on your vehicle need to be completed professionally, as there are other issues involved than simply replacing the paneling of your vehicle.

However, as long as you go with the right panel beating service in Keysborough, you should drive away from the repair shop completely happy and satisfied.

How Long Will the Repair Take?

A common question asked by anyone involved in an accident is how long will the repairs take? This is a difficult question to answer without actually looking at the vehicle itself. Often times there is more than just the panel that needs to be replaced. Sometimes aspects of the vehicle are damaged that are not seen by someone who is not completely familiar with the vehicle. The frame could be bent or other internal mechanics could be damaged. Due to this, a full and complete inspection will be made by PJs Panels.

After the inspection, it is easier to let you as to how long the repairs might last, although this is also going to depend on the availability of parts. Regardless of the problem, what needs repairing or where the parts are coming from, the goal is to get you back on the road as quickly as possible. A�We can help you with hail damage repair as well as general smash repairs

Insurance Companies

Nobody likes dealing with insurance companies. They are a necessary evil though, so it’s vital to have insurance coverage in a time such as this.

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After the smash, you need to contact your insurance company and inform them of the accident. They might request different information, but generally they require the accident report from the police department and where it is currently located. From here, depending on your insurance coverage and the plan you have, you might have the option of going to any particular garage, or the insurance provider might require you to go to a specific service provider.

From there, it is the panel shop that works with the insurance company, although the insurance company generally sends out an agent to look over the vehicle and to discuss the situation with the garage. The vehicle might be beyond repair and it might just be less expensive to ‘total’ the car and give you the value of the vehicle in cash to purchase a different car.

Regardless of what happens, after the initial claims report you won’t have that much paperwork to fill out as a good repair shop like PJ’s Panels, does most of the interaction with the company for you. It is important to understand that you do not have to use the panel beater’s your insurance company chooses if you did not cause the accident.

High Standard Panel Beating In Keysborough

The most important aspect of vehicle repairs is the quality of the work. First, you need to check the dimensions of the vehicle after it is completed. You can obtain exact vehicle dimensions from the car manufacturer’s website. Bring this documentation with you and make sure the new vehicle repairs match exactly.

Some panel beaters – especially those who are captive to the insurance company – may try to perform the repair quickly and cheaply. This could mean, for example, that a panel doesn’t always fit flush, which results in a less than desirable repair quality. This can lead to problems further down the road, which is exactly why you need to be a stickler about the paneling and point out the problem. PJ’s Panels will always ensure that your car is returned to a near new state and we will look over the vehicle with you before releasing it back to you.

The paint job is another area you need to keep an eye on. The panel the garage obtain generally isn’t the same color as your vehicle, which means they have to paint it.

Some colors are easier to match than others, so you need to look carefully at the panel (always in the daylight) to make sure all panels of the vehicle match. Never stop by the garage after work as evening hours are approaching, as the dimmer light makes it difficult to spot these imperfections. Instead, go in the afternoon so you can see everything.

There are many different aspects associated with vehicle repairs, non of which you’re probably looking forward to. However, when involved in an accident, you do need to make sure the car is repaired to the highest standards and you are completely taken care of.

An accident shouldn’t mean you are stuck with an inferior car for the rest of its life. The best, top of the line, panel beating shop is going to make sure you receive the vehicle back in factory condition, so everything works as if it is brand new.

Not all panel beaters in the Keysborough / Dandenong area are capable of providing this kind of service, which is exactly why you need to give PJ’s Panels a call at 1300 545 363. A�We’ll give everything to you straight, tell you how long we believe the repairs will be, all while giving you the very best repair possible.

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