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What Are Some Expected Costs Associated With Panel Beaters and Smash Repair Work?

Posted: December 11 2013 | In: Panel Beating

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What To Do When YourMoney can be a deciding factor when getting your car fixedA�Car Is Damaged

When you find yourself in a car accident, your first concern is always the health and well being of everyone involved. However, after everyone in the accident is attended to, there comes the next part, what to do with your car? Ita��s easy to be upset, especially when it isna��t your fault, but a family car does need repairs and you want to make sure the panel beaters do a proper job and youa��re not out of money you cana��t afford to lose. The point is, it doesna��t matter if ita��s something simple like a bumper that needs repairing, or a door torn off the car being replaced, the job needs to be done properly.

Herea��s some things you should keep in mind when getting your family car repaired to ensure your costs don’t balloon out of control.

Expected Costs Associated With Panel Beaters – What to look out for

  1. Paperwork – A car accident involves a great deal of paperwork. Even when ita��s not your fault there is still plenty of paperwork you have to do. Filing a claim with your own insurance company can be bothersome, but filing a claim to someone elsea��s insurance company is even worse. Third party insurance companies can be combative and unwilling to payout too much money. Compounding the frustration is having to get estimates and fill out the right forms with the panel beaters working on your car. Luckily, there are panel beaters that are willing to handle all of the paperwork for you, so aim to choose one that helps in this aspect. The costs associated with paperwork could end up delaying the entire process of getting your car fixed, which is an added expense in time and lost wages. Plus, if done improperly, you may not get the amount of insurance money you deserve.
  2. High Standards of Work – A key issue is will the repair work be to an acceptable level of quality for your insurer. A third party insurance company may try to force you to an approved shop. This may leave you questioning the quality of the work your going to get. Low quality work still costs money and you don’t want to be out of pocket of your insurance payout or personal funds.You dona��t need to do this and youa��re free to make sure your car ends up with people who know what they are doing. Also, remember you dona��t just want your car fixed you want it restored to how it was.
  3. Will It Look Good – If there is any greater issue then quality of work ita��s the appearance of the new parts compared with the rest of your car. Working right and looking good are two totally separate things when it comes to panels. The sad truth of it is in some smash repair jobs, the overall look of the car is shoddy. The most apparent sign of a rushed job is mismatched paint. This is caused by two things; pressure by insurance companies or a rushed repair.When somebody else causes an accident their insurance company is not on your side. They just want the job done as quickly and cheaply as possible. They want your car fixed and you gone, out of their hands, fast. Often, work quality doesna��t come into consideration. While being rushed for repairs, the guys doing the fixing may not take the time to match the paint correctly. All blues are not the same and you dona��t want your car to have mismatched paintwork. The worst part is after paying for all this you could still have to pay more for touch up work. You want to go with an expert who guarantees theya��ll match up the cara��s paint the right way and get it right the first time.
  4. Timeframe – Given how much you use your car, being without it can be a large hassle. When you need work done you want it done as quickly as possible without sacrificing quality of service. Aside from getting your car fixed, you also have to worry about renting a loaner while your car is in the shop. The additional costs of a rental add up quickly and can run hundreds of dollars just for a week. This is where looking for the best service is key. There are businesses out there who not only fix your car quickly and with high quality, theya��ll also provide you with a loaner car. This can save you a lot of money if your car is out of service for a while. Taking the stress out of having to find a replacement car is worth the effort of finding the right people to do business with.

When You Want The Best

As you can clearly read, car accidents are a hassle, no matter which way you look at it. When you want the best repair work money can buy, PJ Panels can help you out. From the very beginning theya��re there to help. Firstly, theya��ll make sure your car gets towed to the shop and make sure you get home safely.

Following the stress of an accident, taking care of the repairs right helps a lot. Theya��ll provide a free rental car while your car is being worked on so your life isna��t disrupted by being without a car.

To help you with the loads of paperwork from outside insurance companies; they have a team of people skilled in the law to make sure it gets done properly. This isna��t just support on some forms either, PJa��s Panels will do all the third party paperwork for you. Not having to deal with an insurance company not on your side is a relief. As a show of appreciation for your business, PJa��s will pay up to $250 back onto your insurance excess.

PJa��s Panels work is guaranteed to be of high quality. With a lifetime guarantee on panel repairs, theya��ll have your car back to the original manufacturer standards as soon as possible. Dona��t take their word for it; there are numerous testimonials and references from customers just like you attesting to their quality.

Call PJa��s Panels today at 1300 545 363 for a free estimate.

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