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Customer Reviews are gold but a picture tells a thousand words. We have collected some before and after pictures of smash repairs, accident not at fault claims, car resprays, hail damage to keep you informed that we are the best at what we do and our customer’s are more than happy to stand near their repaired vehicles to showcase what we do. Enjoy

Nissan Skyline not at fault claim smash repair.

It was not until I got home last night that I could fully appreciate the extent of what you guys did for me and my car, and I still cant. I did not realise that it had had a complete going over – to absolute perfection – and I cant thank you enough for this, as I doubt it is something I would have ever done for the car given its dollar value, in spite of the vehicle being sentimentally priceless. It did not even look this good when I purchased it 8 years ago and it was in very good condition back then. I will be getting it professionally detailed and photographed  will send you some photos when this is done.

As you know, Paul, I used to be in the automotive trade and know from experience that you only see this kind of thing from the most genuine people who are passionate about what they do. No one is in automotive for the money, but only few are in it because they really love what they do. Its obvious to me that you are one of the latter. Great to have a good chat to you and swap stories from the trade; one of the things I do miss about it. Sandra, you are switched on and a marketing genius  love what you have done with your business online. Sandra & Paul, you have a great partnership going on and I would like to say keep doing what you are both doing, as it will continue to make you stand out from everyone else in a world where this kind of service is absolutely rare these days. You have yourselves not just a happy customer, but a friend. Adam B.

Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT

I would like to thank Paul and Sandra for all their help and what an amazing job they did on my jeep srt….I was really worried about who was going to fix my car as its my pride n joy but they went above and beyond to get all my parts from America and gave me a loan car which helped me so much!…if you live in Melbourne I would recommend you to speak to Paul or Sandra before you choose anyone else to repair your car….they explain everything and update u on what’s happening unlike other repairers……just want to say keep up the good work and I can’t say how thankful I was choosing pj panels for my repairs. Sarah

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