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Dent Removal and Hail Damage Repairs

The hail damage of vehicles places a huge strain not just on car owners, but also on insurance companies and the panel repair industry as well. While this video is from the US, it shows how wide spread the damage can be a�� and how necessary it is to book in reliable dent removal in Melbourne, Keysborough and Melbourne East.


We get many enquires asking a�?do you just suck the dents out?a�? As you can imagine, the answer is no. To repair a hail damaged vehicle is a major job. We repair the hail damage by conventional methods NOT using PDR (paintless dent repair).

Our hail damage repair method.

  1. Removal of hardware and body accessories.
  2. Removal of paint in damaged areas.

We carefully pull each dent back to original contour using the least amount of strain to the vehicle. We only use the state of art dent repairing system direct from the USA.

In some cases the turret (roof) will have to be replaced. This will not affect the structural integrity of the vehicle as we use the latest technology in panel adhesives as well as welding are used by many European car manufactures.

The car is primed and blocked back and then prepared for paint.

We refinish in quality 2 PAK (baked enamel) as used by all major car manufactures. All repairs are completed to (OMS) original manufacture specification and we are FULLY GUARANTEED when providing dent removal in Keysborough, Melbourne East and Melbourne proper.

Take Care When Buying Hail Damaged Vehicles

We would like to bring to attention the process that consumers may be unaware of when purchasing a hail damage vehicle at auctions. The costs involved and the process taken.

  1. The initial cost of the vehicle
  2. Cost of the repair
  3. Roadworthy
  4. Book car into Vic roads for VIV Inspection (Vehicle Identification Validation)
  5. Registration
  6. Happy motoring

Call us for effective dent removal.
  • Shopping carts bumping up against your automobile
  • Ball damage
  • Hailstorm impairment – mentioned above
  • Hit and run situations
  • Damage created accidentally or purposefully by pedestrians
  • Car doors hitting up against ones car
  • Youngsters on bicycles tumbling into your parked vehicle,
  • Vehicles scraping up against the body of your car maybe on account of poor parking.

The only good thing about these types of dings and dents are really easy to take out.

These days cars are made with damage resistant, high-impact plastic materials within their body sections. Products widely used in autos are generally high-tech graphite, soft aluminium and also high-strength fiberglass. More pliable plastic materials will often be helpful for places which are subject to problems for example your car’s bumpers.

Of course, this material varies in regards to correcting or reconstructing a dent. When it comes to accidents involving sharp items such as parking areas, fencing or children’s toys and games, regrettably, fiberglass graphite as well as plastic materials are often damaged. They could even sustain marks due to the actions of other cars. Aluminium, in particular can have dents and dings very easily.

You cana��t absolutely safeguard the car from all factors that cause dings and dents, but you actually can fix them without difficulty. Whichever the real reason for your ding, dent removal can restore your vehicle to it’s original condition without a lot of expense.


Call us to get the dents in your vehicle removed.

Based in the Keysborough / Dandenong area we service all of the Mebourne East area and supply loan cars

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