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Classic car insurance smash repairs

Posted: April 28 2016 | In: Classic & Vintage Smash, Metal Fabrication, Smash Repairs

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Classic Car Insurance Smash Repairs Melbourne’s first choice.

Finding a trusted panel repairer for your Classic car is a daunting task. Pj’s Panels is Melbourne’s first choice. We have repaired many Classic Car’s for Shannon Insurance and we have the stories photo’s and people real reviews to prove it.

PJ’s Panels are fast becoming known as Shannon’s preferred repairer. We have been asked on a number of times we will take on such smash repairs that clients have rang that other smash repairs other shops will not touch.

Our team has over 70 year’s of combined experience. No problem is a problem with our expert team. We have craftily selected our staff. Our name is on the line so we got it right the first time.

Sit back relax and watch sorry read what we can do to help you in repairing, restoring or to repaint your Classic car.

Come down and see real craftsmen at work. In a society today that has lost the notion to create with one’s hands.

American Muscle 1969 Mustang Classic smash repair.


Tania is not your average 29 year old. You only have to look into her bright blue eyes to see her passion for life and that everything she wants in life she get’s. She is one person you want to have around. A true motivator, and determined to get, grasp and grab life with both hands and live it to the full. In her short life Tania has turned her true love is for anything to do with the red, white and blue yes America. She has been to America 7 times and has stories that can only imagine. She has lived, breathed everything American so it just makes sense that she is the owner of a 1969 Mustang.

I had decided to take my 1969 Mustang out for a morning drive. But I was short changed as a four wheel driver decided to hit my quarter panel and send me into a spin. The accident was not my fault. It happened so fast that I had not much time to think. Now my car was quarter inch or so shorter on the left from the right. Devastated is the least of words lucky for me the third party was more than helpful and handed over all the Insurance details and left me to do all the inquiry myself. Lucky for Tania PJ’s Panel’s were at hand to help with the entire accident not at fault claim. Tania found PJ’s Panels’s story of the Corvette side smash smash we did on the web and the decision was made.

Her baby was sick and in need of a Smash repairer that could be entrusted to take care of her most beloved beast was her main concern. One call to PJ’s Panels was all it took.

PJ’s Panels directed me down the correct path. They had all the paperwork done in a flash. They also knew where all the parts to source as they have repaired many Mustang’s in the past so there was not the long wait for parts. The paintwork was flawless and repairs were better than expected. They even buffed the car and made her look better than before. Thank you for all the repairs and quick process now all I have to do now is book my next trip overseas.

Thank you again PJ’s Panels Tania


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