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Bumper Bar Repairs in Melbourne

PJ’s Panels are your trusted bumper repair specialists.

Bumper bar repairs need the service of a fiberglass expert. Your bumper bar may be cracked and need qualified tradesmen to fix this back to manufacture standard. Servicing the areas of Melbourne and surrounds. When it comes to repairing bumper bars. Your local panel beater know the stress structure of the car and the best and most cost efficient way to repair this. We are the experts in this field. You have come to the right place.

We have a state of the art spray painting facility and only use the best Dupont painting system to ensure your bumper repair is repaired to your satisfaction guaranteed.

Your damaged bumper bar can lead to otherA�underlining factors that are not just cosmeticA�but may effect the structure of your car.

Your damaged bumper may not look like serious damage, youa��ll still need a repair. It is often hazardous and could cost you a lot of money in the future. Why?

Contemporary car bumpers are produced with plastic. Virtually no vehicle is available with metal bumper they are a thing of the past.

Why Car Bumpers Are Important

PJ’s Panel’s Melboune’s leading bumper repair specialists. We can repair fiberglass, cracks, splits depending on the extent of the damage. Your safety comes first as the extent of the damage can be hidden.The bumper bar is part of the cara��s structure, and ita��s fairly well hidden behind the painted plastic that surrounds it.

Car bumpers are made so that the outer plastic material goes out of shape easily. It deforms and flexes in the event it has a modest car smash, but if the motor vehicle has a serious accident, the inside of the plastic will take the force, shielding the rest of the car from serious damage.

The advantage is that minor damage can be easily restored without the bumper sacrificing its effectiveness plus considerable force from an accident only results in bumper damage and not damage to other parts of the car. Ita��s also notable because the minor damage can easily be repaired without significant cost.

The disadvantage is that even in a low speed accident. The inner framework of the bumper may be compromised meaning it will no longer safeguard the car correctly. Consequently, an additional modest accident at some point in the future can result in more severe panel damage to your car since the proper protection has stopped working. This could very well set you back far more in repairs later on, which means, you should have your bumper repaired as soon as it is damaged.

Oftentimes you will be lucky, and you will only have to do some sanding and painting to the affected area. However a direct impact event at 5km can be enough to rip a large gash in your bumper plastic, producing unsightly damage you dona��t need to live with.

Moreover, bumper scuff marks and scratches are unattractive and decrease the value of your car. Repairing damaged plastic involves sanding, sculpting and painting. However it is well worth the price since the vehicle repairs are probably less expensive than your insurance cover excess.

Why Choose Us?

Repairing a plastic bumper is a job for the bumper repair experts. It takes skill and experience to do fabulous bumper repairs in Melbourne. We restore the fender by welding splits with welding rods that are similar to the bumpera��s original material. We are proud of making sure the repairs are invisible. We use top quality primers and paint treatments to make sure of this. Our staff have many yearsa�� experience in mending bumpers, making them capable of repairing most types of plastic fenders on the market.

Bumper Maintenance Cost

Your bumper repair can cost as little as your insurance excess and will be repaired in the same day.

It is well worth the time and investment It can make your car look like new again and could restore your cara��s safety. So dona��t let that minor crash, scrape, shopping trolley dent or cracked paint ruin your cara��s appearance any longer.

Save on this montha��s bumper bar repair specials in Melbourne. This month you save up to $75.00 on all bumper repairs. Act now as this special will not last.

Call us today on 03 9701 6098 to book your bumper repairs in Melbourne South East, Keysborough, Dingley and Noble Park just to name a few.

PJa��s Panels a�� specialists at bumper repairs in Melbourne who service your car panel repair needs.


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